Borough Park is the Brooklyn Chassid-Ville. In ten years, the number of Jewish families in Chassidim neighborhoods has jumped from 8 to 38 percent. Out of 53,000 Jewish souls, 95 percent of them are Orthodox. In an area twenty blocks long and six wide, the Chassidim live amongst themselves. In this network of streets, there is a feeling of the past. Orthodox Jews have unique characteristics: dark spots connoted by high hats. Under the kippah ritual, the head is shaved and only two hairs to grow over their ears. These hairs are formed into ringlets. They wear mostly black clothes with the exception of the white shirt worn under the waistcoat. The women also wear a wig on top of their shaved heads. It is prohibited to show their legs and bare arms. The rabbis of the synagogues regularly walk the streets. They have strong religious feelings, great devotion to the Jewish law and a high level of education.Their title takes its name from a Hebrew word: Chassid means “Pious”. In these neighborhoods of Brooklyn, it feels that you are entering private property. It feels like a quiet village entirely populated by the Orthodox. It is a place of culture that looks and smells like early twentieth century Warsaw. In the vast western metropolis, past and present Jewish culture intertwines the lives of millions of non-Jews, creating a fascinating mosaic of daily life and history.
The Orthodox people of New York City manage the Diamond District among many other contributions to a major global city. In the cultural melting pot of New York City. The artist was impressed by the apparent discrepancy between the Chassidim and the rest of the population and the Chassidims contributions to the econmy of New York City. The curiosity about this Jewish society, influential and growing; can be read in her work with fine irony.

This series was started in March 2012, and the work is increasing.

The orthodox portraits are an infinite number, they lead to the continued expansion of the various chassidic groups not only in America – and in Israel – but also settled in Australia, Russia, Morocco, South America, Alaska, South Africa and one hundred other nations.

All works are acrylic on paperboard, 22×20 cm // 9 “x 8″
The installation will include a number greater to 100 units distributed randomly in the word.

Solo Show at Zuni Gallery, Ferrara, curated by Elena Bertelli

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